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A second house which accepts all kinds of values, and custom-make your dinner time in Ginza, Tokyo.

“Fits” is not like a vacation house where you forget your daily life. It is more like your another house for daily use, where you can refresh and clear your mind for tomorrow.

Only the ingredients of the day, the prices, and how to cook are written on the à la carte menu board. Our à la carte menu is simple, clear, and tailor-made style: you pick a main ingredient from the ingredients of the day, let us hear your preferences on how and how much you would like it to be cooked. We are open to give suggestions outside the menu as well.

Chef’s specialty course meal is made by chef Sumi, who has the experience of working at one of the world renowned restaurants, El Bulli in Spain. You can enjoy seasonal foods at their best conditions from “amuse-bouche” to “dessert” in unique ways. Our style is based on French cuisine but we are always open to take in the essence of Japanese and Chinese cuisine as well. You can enjoy the unity and well-balance of those three.

“Fits”, which has two different faces of full-course meal and à la carte, serves your different everyday occasions.

What we aim for is to create communications that make your life brighter through delicious dishes and wine.



Chef Sumi is especially passionate about ducks. We have “Canard de Challans” or “Canard de Rouen”, that are processed with a way of “étouffée” and rich in iron with a rather strong taste of red meat (“étouffée” is a way of processing a duck without pulling out its blood).

We also have ducks from inside Japan. Japanese ducks have softer smells and a finer taste. During “gibier season”, please enjoy our best quality “Canard Colvert” with supreme winter truffles.


“Caviar and Truffles”

These days, you can enjoy caviar and truffles even at Japanese restaurants, but they could be overpriced.

We offer them at purchase price so that our guests can enjoy the best quality caviar and truffles with other plates and wines of their choices (We are sorry to say that you may not take them away due to the limited amount).


chef,s special monthly course ( 8,500 / 8dishes )



Taichi Yasaku

Taichi Yasaku


Embarked on his career in the restaurant industry 15 years ago at a restaurant in Aoyama, Tokyo. Acquired the patience and learned how to run away when he should in the tough world of bunch of grown-ups. Met chef Sumi, and achieved a sommelier license at the age of 25, thinking maybe he would look cooler and more professional with the license.
After leaving Aoyama, started to work at a fine dining in Ginza, Tokyo. Worked there for a few years, serving VIP guests from within Japan and overseas with his palms sweat from being nervous every day.
Learned how to look like he is working hard while he is actually just being happy surrounded by thousands of wines and enjoying tasting.
Through the 10 years of his survival in Ginza, acquired many things such as foreign languages, knowledge, management skill, and above all, the wide range of guests who are fans and supporters of his.
Learned from his guests that the most important thing is not career or knowledge but “personal magnetism”.

Has known chef Sumi for more than 10 years.
Aiming at achieving a victory with his own restaurant here in Ginza, hoping this wouldn’t be the third losing battle in his life.

Tomonori Sumi

Tomonori Sumi


After working for a luxurious French restaurant, bistro, and larger restaurant in Tokyo for 15 years, moved to Spain for more experiences. Worked at star restaurants such as El Bulli and L’esguard there.
Coming back to Japan, started his career as the head chef at a fine dining in Aoyama, Tokyo. After that, started working as a director at an Italian restaurant in Ginza and Spain restaurant in Otemachi, gaining the experiences of product and shop development.

Hobby: Snowboarding
Favorite Color: Orange

Could be tactless and odd at times, but has lovable personality and his love for his work as cook is deeper than the ocean. His career is based on French cuisine while also has learned Chinese and Japanese cuisine on his own. Gained a great skill of mixing them in a well-balanced manner. Has the top level skill in the world when it comes to heating ducks and lambs.
Shy but appreciating and caring about each one of his guests from the bottom of his heart.


We value adjusting to what a guest values rather than adjusting to the dishes.

We have approximately 150 types of bottle wines from France and Italy.
There are large variety of wines not only from the main production areas in France such as Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Alsace, Rhône, Champagne, but also from Piemonte or Toscana and other unique local craft wines in Italy.

We also have 15 kinds of glass wines for you to choose from. There are vintage wines from Bourgogne or Bordeaux as well. The sets of 3 kinds and 6 kinds of pairing wines for the full-course meals are ready for you.



3 kinds of pairing wine set・・4,500 yen
3 kinds of non-alcohol pairing set・・4,500 yen
(Set of “Royal Blue Tea” in Shonan Fujisawa)
6 kinds of pairing wine set・・8,000 yen (reservation required)




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Ginza, Chuou-ku,Tokyo 5-9-17 Ginza Azuma Bldg.B1

TEL 03 – 6264 – 5588
Phone Reservation Available 14:00~22:00

OPEN / 18:00- 23:00 LO22:00    

CLOSED /  Sunday

American Express/Diners Club
JCB/Master Card/VISA/銀聯/Cash

・Seats : 14
・Minimum age requirement : 6 years old +
・Corkage fee : 3,000 yen per bottle
・Non smoking



We are afraid that we might not be able to answer the phone after 6:00pm. Online reservation is available for 24 hours.

Please call us if you are a group of more than 7 people due to the small size of the restaurant.

Early reservations are much appreciated because we are happy to hear your preferences and requests.